Friday, June 12, 2015

Who said "RED"?

It amazes me sometimes at just how little it takes to thrill me.

The mailman....  and Amazon.... gave me today's thrill:

Yes, that is a RED silicone key fob cover.

We (ok, he) seem to go through a lot of fobs...   Like:  musta dropped it...  or I think I drove over it.

HOW on earth do you drive over a key fob?  Anyway, while I doubt the silicone will really provide much protection, I am hoping that the cover will prevent parts from flying everywhere when it IS dropped...  and cracked...  and broke.

He wanted the manly black (perhaps to camo his fob-deficient behavior) and I struggled between pink and red...  but red won.  

Here's to safe fobbing !!

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