Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Scenes from the road - Continental Divide, New Mexico

In our most recent travels, we stopped for gas and bio breaks at a place in New Mexico that we had not previously visited.   It was a sweet place, really...  not overly commercialized like many along the highways and byways of America and especially those along Route 66. 

There was quite a nice view on the other side of the fence and the proprietors had conveniently created a little platform so photographers could enjoy the view OVER the fence.

Not sure if the old wagons and tractors were left there on purpose but I certainly appreciated them.

The shop had a nice selection of interesting things for sale and while the offerings were a bit different than the usual stuff, I left without purchasing anything. 
I hadn't been feeling well so I hope the "didn't feel like shopping" thing passes quickly.

 I truly hope this little slice of relief from the normal roadside stops can stay in business. 

 Enjoy our America!  I am afraid things like this will all be gone soon.

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