Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cruising Part 1: San Antonio's RiverWalk

Recently, I joined an old friend and some new friends on an adventure....  A friend I had not yet met was celebrating a birthday by taking a quilting cruise and I was asked if I wanted to join them.  Of course, I was so "IN".

The first leg of our adventure was to join up with two of my "traveling sisters" and fly from Phoenix to San Antonio.

Elsa graciously picked us up at the airport and ferried us to our hotel, which was on the RiverWalk.  Elsa, the birthday girl, also joined us for dinner while we all enjoyed the sights and sounds of the RiverWalk. 

Karen and Sharon
I think we walked WAY more than what this shows!

No bark on these gorgeous trees!

We think his name was Donald.

Around every corner was aesthetically pleasing sights.

The next day, Karen, Sharon, and I saw more of the RiverWalk, both on foot, and by boat tour.

We walked, we laughed, we ate, we learned a lot about Texas and San Antonio, and best of all, we made memories! 

The Space Needle left from the World's Fair.

The hotel in the photo to the right was built  modularly for the World's Fair in 212 business days.

Everything was done offsite, including painting, carpeting, hanging curtains, making the bed, adding towels, and even the light bulbs. 

Once each 'room' was completed, it was raised by crane and secured into place.  Electricity and plumbing were connected to the main structure and the next 'room' was placed.

Next, we met up with the remaining two "traveling sisters" for the part 2 of our adventure (which included a mini shop hop hosted by Elsa)!

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