Friday, May 15, 2015

Cruising Part 2: Galveston

Once all six of us were together (Elsa, Melle, Linda, Karen, Sharon, and I), we headed by car to Galveston as part 2 of our adventure.  Actually, we were in two cars...  both Elsa and Melle shared their cars with all of us and our luggage.

On the way to Galveston, we stopped at several quilt shops, ate lunch, and experienced Buc ee's, which apparently a Texas staple.  I liken Buc ee's to a combination of a Casey's, a Walmart, and a boutique all in one.

Ahh, the Gulf!!!
Our hotel in Galveston was booked by Elsa and I must say that the view was magnificent: Waterfront!

Dinner was at Gaido's, also booked by Elsa.  One can not question her taste!!!  The food and the service was amazing. 

We all tried oysters....   and everyone ate their share.

I chose scallops for my entrĂ©e.  They were perfect.

Of course, we had to do something for Elsa's birthday...  and YES, it WAS her 21 (+/-) birthday!!

Management provided our table with every dessert on the menu.   Surely this is a girl's dream, right?

My feet in the Gulf...  a bit chilly!

The Pier

An old building near the docks in Galveston where we did some light shopping before part three of our adventure.

Our first view of the next part of our adventure...   the cruise ship!

We had serious fun up to this point... Lots of memories made, lots of laughs, and lots of new experiences.  We all discussed that it couldn't get much better...  but trust me... it did!
Stay turned!

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