Friday, March 20, 2015

Amazing handwork in the form of a gift.

A very special, and thoughtful, friend traveled with her family to Mexico recently.

She didn't take me along (they were visiting family), but I still think she is amazing. :)

We got together this week for lunch and its the first time we managed to get together since her return.   Over a really nice lunch (it was my turn to pay), she presented me with an incredible gift of someone's time, love, and hope for the future.

This gorgeous towel was handmade and my friend purchased it directly from the craftswoman...  not from the store where it would be sold for triple what the woman would get. 

My friend made sure that the money went to the right place...  all of it.   I appreciate that craftswoman's family would benefit from the purchase - we should ALL support the small businesses.  And in doing so, we allow the craftspeople to stay home and take care of whatever needs to be done:  be caregivers for their children, provide assistance to their parents, help support their families, and still earn a wage.

There is no way that I can capture the colors, skill, and care that went into this towel.  Note the girl's pony tail.

The inside is as beautiful as the right side.  The craftswoman completed the work without the "lazy" knots and the floss stretching across from one side to the other, which allows things to get caught on the floss and distort the stitches.

 And, of course, its always important, and appropriate, to sign your work.


Simply wonderful. 

thank you LO for this very touching gift.

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