Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"its about time" project #1

Yanno all those projects around the house that you were all gung-ho about doing....  and STILL want to do, but haven't gotten them done yet?  For us, they seem to end up being a list before we decide to actually do them...  and the really stupid thing about them is that they really are beneficial (one way or the other) things...  not just a 'hang a different picture' type thing.

#1 example:

Our 'big' house in Iowa had Corian countertops, which we removed and replaced with granite - thank you amazing son (AS), Mike.  Side note: the buyers loved the granite when we decided to move to AZ and sell the 'big' house.  We kept the Corian, thinking we would replace the laminate countertops in our 'little' Iowa house with the Corain as it was a very close fit and AS could make the adjustments.

Well, that never got done BUT we figured out that the Corian from the 'big' Iowa house was exactly the same Corian in the AZ house.  We sold the majority of the Corian but kept the piece from the kitchen island so that we could use it in the AZ laundry room as a countertop.

THEN I got the brilliant idea to replace the AZ island countertop with the Iowa island countertop....  because the way it was set up, there was hardly enough room between the island and the refrigerator to pull the fridge out if you need to (like cleaning under and behind or retrieving dropped things behind).  

Of course, I forgot to take the PRE photo while the old countertop was still attached to the island.  Here is a photo of the old countertop piece with DHs bowl of candy as reference.

The Iowa island was narrower, which would make more room between island and fridge, and lots longer, making room to put a stool or two at the island (YA!). 

Lets just say that the ONE thing I know about Corian is that it is NOT forgiving.

I will tell you that I was nervous about starting this project.   So, a call to AS Dan resulted in a step by step over the phone on how to do this....  of course, providing that we live in a Walgreens world where everything is perfect.

With much trepidation, we began the project... and, lo and behold, we apparently DO live in a perfect world - at least for this project.  The old countertop came off just fine and the new went on with only one call to an amazing son for some pointers to reattach the new countertop.

The finished countertop is larger by a square foot but it seems  it has FAR more useable space AND more room between the fridge and the island countertop.   I am in LOVE.   And DH loves his candy bowl back where it belongs.

I think I see me making some pads for the stools in the near future.

The last step of this project was to make an emotional call to AS late last evening thanking him for walking us through the removal and replacement process.  

and yes, there will be more 'its about time' projects...  stay tuned.

Don't wait to do those things you want to do....  do them NOW...  and for YOU.... its PASSED time to start enjoying your life, your love, your interests, your desires.

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