Thursday, November 6, 2014

Quilts from artwork

I was perusing quilting information out there in the great big world of the internet.  I wasn't looking for anything but I always find stuff I didn't know I needed.

I was seeing things that improved on the 'old', a lot of 'old', and some things I wouldn't try on a dare.
<yawn> but I kept scrolling and clicking and suddenly, I was wide awake.

I found a FREE program that makes a quilt pattern from your chosen artwork!!!
I seriously can not WAIT to make one from the grandkid's artwork!!
I already have some ideas in mind!!!

I have copied the introductory info from the site here for your convenience, along with the link.  And because I couldn't wait, I am including a random test I ran it through.  Play with it and see what you come up with. 

You can adjust the degree of difficulty (by decreasing or increasing the number of blocks) of your quilt patter.  However, be aware there are many limitations, such as limited choices on the number of squares in a pattern and there is a size limit on photos it can convert.

Welcome to the Victoria and Albert Museum Patchwork Pattern Maker. Using these pages, you will be able to upload any image and convert it instantly into your own, personalized quilt pattern. Let creativity be your guide.
Patchwork preview
Thank you to the Victoria and Albert Museum!!

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