Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Big bites, little mouth

Did I bite off more than I can chew?

I was at Quilter's Market in Tucson AZ twice in 2 days.  Quilter's Market...  the "ice cream store" of quilt shops!!

I couldn't stay in the shop long....  everything I saw, I wanted.  And the best (or is it the worst) thing about the store is that all the fabric is displayed in a manner that encourages petting. 

If it fits in the truck, can I take it home???  After all, one simply can not have too much fabric.

I looked, petted, lusted, and drooled.... 

I got out of there with my life...  just barely though!!!

I got out with my life...  two bags of ribbons, flannel, and minkie that Lynda, the owner, donated to AngelGowns by jacki...... and.... 
these two Judy Neimeyer patterns....

Thankfully, Cristy Atkin Fincher, Sharon Schamber's amazing daughter, taught me their Piece-lique process.  Their technique is a serious COOL!!!  Perfect curves every time without hair loss, fingernail biting, and stomping of the foot.

Cristy offers the technique on Purple Daisies blog or I would not even CONSIDER these patterns.  You can view Cristy's blog at

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