Saturday, May 10, 2014

What rhymes with ORANGE?

I am not a 'yellow' person...   and following along on the color vein, I also don't care for orange...  or even the orange-ish version of red.  BUT!!  I can be swayed.

Sometimes, as I go through my fabrics, a combination strikes my fancy.  I will remember seeing something, or 2 somethings, that go with what is in my hand and I will pull them out and put them together for some future spark to make a quilt.

This particular mixture of orange, gold, red, brown, and green has been pulled and put together for a long time...  ok, maybe a year.  In stash terms, a year isn't really that long...   but I was waiting to finish one project, needing something else for another, and didn't want to finish up another because if I started the last steps of that one, I would need to stay up until it was done.  Does that sound like excuses???

But I can tell you that I would feel no qualms about leaving an orange project in the middle to go work on something else!!

So I grab it, look for a couple other companion fabrics and decide on a disappearing 9 patch.  Seriously, I don't think I have made that many decisions about a quilt in such a short time EVER. I figure since its orange, I didn't agonize over it and just went with my gut.

Have I mentioned how F A S T a disappearing 9 patch, when each of the squares start at 5", is to make?  Seriously, a quilt in a day!!! 

I have included a tutorial by Missouri Star Quilts HERE in the event you have not done a disappearing 9 patch and would like more information on them.

I gotta tell you that I don't hate it.  I actually kinda like how this quilt is turning out.

I can not believe how productive I have been lately.  Actually, its the old "plugging away on everything so that everything gets done at the same time" syndrome.

Tomorrow, a baby quilt that's been in the UFO pile for I think about 6 years.  

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

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