Sunday, April 13, 2014

The story of us (Edna and me)

I have been doing a lot of sewing and madly trying to get some of the PIGS (projects in grocery sacks) done as it feels I have bits and pieces everywhere.  This project was all pieced on Edna.

I figured that sewing on a treadle machine is easy as pie.   Seriously, how hard can it be??  Ladies did it for hours after working hard all day to feed their families.  Surely I can plop down and master it, right?  HA!

First, let me ask WHO says pie is easy?  How many of you know more than ONE person that makes good pies (bakeries and professionals do NOT count)?

There is definitely a learning curve to treadling.  I choose a forgiving fabric (flannel) and quilt pattern (no idea where I saw the inspiration quilt for this...  sorry) to learn treadling, and I am really (REALLY) glad I did.

To my DH, I likened sewing on a treadle to a combination of:
Patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time.
Cooking on a gas stove as opposed to an electric stove.
Herding cats.

That was the first 10 minutes.  Then it got easier.  As time went on, it became similar to just:
Patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time.
Cooking on a gas stove as opposed to an electric stove.

Quilted, bound and ready for first wash/dry.
After the first hour, I ALMOST had the hang of it.  At that point, it was merely like cooking on an electric stove.  I could quit treadling the foot pedal but if I didn't specifically STOP the treadle, the needle would sew another stitch or 2... or 3.  So I had to physically stop the pedal from rotating...   and that's another thing to remember.

But I was getting that under control too.  I must have gotten all self-confident because as some point, I had my left foot too close to the treadle and as I pumped with my right foot, the treadle pedal come down and smashed the big toe on my left foot.  Man, oh man, did that hurt!! 

After wash/dry.  All
Like riding a horse, you get back on.  Right?   But one more problem....  concentrating on treadling, not smashing any toes, making sure the machine was sewing forward and not backward, and laughing at myself left me with little brain concentration for the 1/4" seam I was supposed to be sewing. 

My efficient self would not allow me to sew without actually sewing SOMETHING....   so, as earlier stated, I chose a forgiving fabric and pattern.

And to top off this adventure, I also quilted it on my mid-arm and 10' table with big swirly hearts.   At least that's what they are supposed to be :).   I think this is quilt #6 to come off the quilter and I think you are supposed to do like 50 to start.

Given the circumstances, I am thrilled with the results.  And I am especially happy to have less PIGS because now I have an empty grocery sack that needs a new project to be stuffed into it!!! 

If you are interested...  and when you stop laughing, let me know and I can post a quick tutorial on this super easy peasy pattern.

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