Friday, April 11, 2014

Not very smart, am I?

Sheesh...  Jacki shows a remarkable intellect and unparalleled foresight...  Said no one...  ever.

If you remember, I pulled #8 rib loose from the cartilage in the sternum.  This caused me pain (aka beyond uncomfortable) when reaching, pulling, sneezing, coughing, and best of all, deep breathing.  This REALLY hampered activities when the girls (besties from Iowa) were here for the weekend. 

However, as promised by the doc, I felt better each day and was able to do more and more without pain.

Until today.

As I pulled the rib loose before the girls came, some of the intended little chores that needed to get done were left undone.  And as can be expected from besties, teasing occurred.  

The besties are gone and I am trying to get the previously left "undone"s moved to the "done" list for the next batch of guests.

That list included the trundle. 
The memory foam mattress waiting for its new home.

We have a very large walk-in closet off the guest en suite.  To make the arrangement suit our needs, we took the doors off the walk-in, removed some of the closet rods and shelves, changed the layout, installed a baby ceiling fan, and put an antique twin bed into the space.  

We also have a pack-n-play for the en suite.

Our thought was that those that visit us with children could use the en suite and have the alcove (as its now known) for the children...  or overflow, however, they decide to configure the sleeping arrangements.

We bought a trundle frame about a year ago to go under the bed and had been looking for a mattress...  but not very aggressively.   But months ago, a twin memory mattress popped up... and into our house.  The trundle project went by the wayside as we continued on with the larger projects.

But it was time.  DS is bringing his family to Casa del Cohoon for a long Memorial Weekend while we are out of town so I need to get the trundle set up.

So I stare at the trundle frame that is under the antique twin...   wondering why I thought the memory foam mattress would work.  It will just form down, right in between the springs....  resulting in a not comfy bed AND a likely ruined memory mattress. 

There is not room under the twin for a box spring on the trundle frame but I needed something that would be pliable but give support to the mattress.   HA!   I went out into the storage room and found a piece of carpet leftover from the installation.  This is a good idea right?  ok, COULD be a good idea, right?

The carpet remnant fit right onto the trundle frame!  woohoooo!.  I walked across it, just testing and checking on whether this MIGHT work.   it seemed to.

I popped the memory foam mattress onto the carpet that was on the trundle frame....   (in the house that Jack built). 

I laid on the mattress.

GOOD NEWS:  not bad.

BAD NEWS:  I pulled the rib or something around it while I doing this. 

I see a muscle relaxer in my future...   and shortly thereafter, a nap of epic proportions.

Crap!  I had a lot to do, too.  but its done...   well, except for the sheets...  and blanket....  and pillows.   <sigh>

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