Monday, February 24, 2014

You know that really talented handyman?

I am the luckiest girl ever!

I have 2 DSs and one is the go-to man for our "primary " home and the other is the go-to man for our "rental" (aka part-time) home.  I guess I should have had 2 more boys for the other 2 seasons :)

Our primary home is about 2 1/2 hours drive from DSs home so he comes up and spends the weekend and takes care of the honey-do list.  And because he packs it full of tools and supplies for the weekend trip to our house, he calls the little car he drives his "lil red toolbox". 

DS recently built an addition on to our home and we are finally at the tail end of the project.  DS spent another weekend with us working on a few items on the punch list, but as is almost always the case, we came up with new projects and distracted him from the list.

During the excavation of the site for our addition, the backhoe operator hit the bottom plate of the wall that our guest bedroom and  addition would share in common.  The backhoe didn't do serious damage but the bump cracked the drywall and the trim near the floor. 

With all the construction going on, we chose to leave the repairs until the addition was complete in the event anything else happened to the common wall between the existing house and the addition.

In the photo to the right, DS is touching up the texture that he sprayed over the drywall repair to match the existing texture.  He had already replaced the trim board.  I am having him paint the wall the same color as the other walls (prior to repainting, this was a darker, accent wall) because... well, because I am too frugal to buy another $25 gallon of the accent paint. Plus, I like the lighter color better.  It sets off the furniture a bit better.

You may guess how excited I am to have that particular piece getting finished up (punch list)!  DS also installed a ceiling fan/light combo in the guest bedroom alcove (NEW project) where we have placed a twin trundle for guest overflow. 

I will post a photo once all the furniture and decor is back in place.  

Out in front of the house, we have a little courtyard.  DH has always wanted a gate across the opening to the courtyard (NEW project).  While it serves no purpose other than decorative, I agreed....  especially when I found one 2nd hand for $35. 

Just between you and me, I think both DS and DH were excited about the installation as they had justification to drag out the welder, the plasma cutter, and various and assorted other tools.  Boys will be boys!

It still needs to be spray painted but we are all 3 pleased with how it looks.

DS also finished up some work on the lanai where he had previously installed 2 outdoor ceiling fans (punch list).

We still have a shade structure to build over the new cement and a few small things left on the punch list and I am DONE with construction for a while.  DH probably has different ideas but I am ready to take a break and enjoy what we have done to the property.

Stop and smell the roses.... and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  All work and no play makes people (ok, ME) grumpy!

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