Monday, February 24, 2014

What was I thinking?

I think I have gone completely crazy.  Due to the workshops I attended with Bonnie Hunter, the BOMs that I am required to keep up with to maintain my status, and personal obligations, I have a gazillion quilts in the holding pattern.  The good thing is that they are all very different fabrics so when I use one as a leader/ender, I don't get confused.  But seriously, what was I thinking?

Celtic Solstice (Bonnie Hunter's last mystery quilt) is being made into 2 twin size quilts with a section of the blocks turned upside down in one quilt.  With the altered blocks and different borders, my twin DGDs will get quilts made from the same fabrics but with a different look. 

These are both a lot farther along than the photo shows and I want to have them finished to gift them in May so I better get moving!  HOT list.

My Blue Heaven was started at one of Bonnie's workshops with 5 of my besties.  I can't have them ALL get done before me, can I? 
I am not really competitive but I don't want to be last so I am good with finishing anything but #6.  This one is going on the WARM list.

This BOM is a monthly thing and I have to present last month's completed block to get the next month's kit.  I have added some yardage from my stash to the group of fabrics provided in the kits so I can make the quilt larger than the finished BOM project.  Can you tell what I might have added?  Does anything look like it doesn't belong?
I MUST keep up on this one so it is also on the HOT list. 

My hexie quilt started as a total accident.  Its a "stolen time" project that I work on when waiting for......  something.  Doctors, prescriptions, car rides, etc.  Its all scraps and completely random with no plan in mind so I want to name it Wild Flowers (not Wildflowers).
DGD # 4 has laid claim to this one already and wants it as her wedding quilt. If she doesn't change her mind, I will add her name to the quilt name.  She is 7 so for now, COLD list.


This quilt started as a way to get some flannel shirting used up.  It's a leader/ender but....  well, I seem to have a lot of leader/enders these days.  I don't have an intended recipient for this quilt and I am not sure how big it will end up being so time will tell.  COLD list.
Another one started with 5 of my besties at one of Bonnie Hunter's workshops. 
This one will have blue sashing and blue HSTs in the border.  I have all the fabrics cut and all of the HSTs sewn so it should (HA!) go fast.
It will be gifted and I need it done by end of April.  It will be a large lap quilt and its on the HOT list. 

Another gift.  I am not sure if this is the final lay out.  I am still playing with it.  I don't intent to sash it and I have no idea about a border yet.  The fabric will speak to me - hopefully before it needs to be done.  Desired completion is end of March.  HOT LIST.
As you can see, I should be sewing.  There are more in the works than listed here but I am already wondering what I was thinking.   And here I sit, blogging.  lol.  ok, ok, I will go sew. 
How many times does a quilt warm the heart?  My heart warms as I make the quilt.  It will be warmed again when these are gifted and it is my intention that the giftee's heart will be warmed by the quilt every time they see it or cuddle under it for years and years to come.


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