Sunday, February 9, 2014

Back yard activities

We have had such a challenge with the bunnies in our yard.  I love them - all cute and cuddly and hopping across the yard...  but I really wish they would find less expensive things to eat.  

With all the planting we've done in the back yard, we are staying only one hop (pun intended) ahead of the bunnies.  We have used human hair, chicken wire, etc, etc, to convince them that the plantings are not for them but they are not easily dissuaded. 

In addition to the bunny difficulties, I am still learning about sun exposure and soil issues here in the sunny southwest.

However, a few of the more hardy plantings have made it through due to, or in spite of, our attempts to keep them safe.

This trailing lilac, which is planted outside the ramada, has decided to not only grow, but bloom.  Admittedly, it looks nothing like the lilacs I know and love in the Midwest, but I do love these gracefully plants.  And it doesn't hurt that they are purple.  I haven't noticed much of a scent from these lilacs but that's ok....  I still like them.

And since they've decided to grow, I took this support down (which is leftover parts from the construction of our fence, and gave them a better support.  

Now if I can just keep those adorable little bunnies out of them!!

Additionally, Jerry put the shepherds hook up for me and I hung the hummingbird feeder out.  And we have already had a visitor!!! I couldn't get a photo of it but, again, it certainly looks different from the Midwestern version of hummingbird.

Tessa (one blue and one green eye) and Freeway (blue eyes) were out keeping me company and keeping an eye on the hummingbirds.  Tessa delicately stayed on the patio, while rough and tumble Freeway rolled in the dirt (notice her dirty face).   Kids!!!  But I sure love my little girls!!

May the animals in your life (human, the ones that think they are human, and the rest) know how blessed they are to have you in their life.

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