Thursday, February 13, 2014

A public notice to my DH

It is Valentine's Day. 
And I am never one to turn down a gift.
But, my darling husband, I promise you that I would far rather you do/get/give/buy me something on any random day because you are thinking about me rather than on the day someone tells you that you should (unless its me that says it). 

How about share a flower from the yard with me, just because its the color I love.  Ask me outside to see a beautiful sunset (no, not sunrise).  Stroke my face and tell me you love me (did you wash your hands after rebuilding the chainsaw?).  Drive me to the fabric store because I need something and I don't think I can drive.  Find a little package of mint M&Ms for me (if you get a big one, I will share with you). 

There are so many things that I would love more than the almost obligatory chocolates/roses/dinner out combo.  Maybe on our anniversary (I am still female.... and don't forget the jewelry) but not on Valentines Day. 

A single red rose would speak volumes to me.... 
and so would a featherweight. 

.....and while we are on the subject of featherweights,
guess what you bought me for Valentine's Day!!!

Thank you, it's perfect, and

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