Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

A somewhat funny (funny only after years have passed) but true story:  

I bought a house from an older lady during the summer and the next spring, I finally got around to cleaning out around the outside of the house.... You know the drill: 
raking winter leaves and pulling out plants I didn't like.

One bush had something inside of it... I couldn't tell what. Of course, I couldn't leave well enough alone!

I stuck the rake under the bush and pulled it out.

I knew immediately what it was from the stench.  It was a long forgotten Easter egg (of the hard boiled type).

I couldn't use the front door for DAYS - it took that long for the smell to dissipate even after being hosed down several times.  I felt sorry for the poor mailman, who delivered to a box next to the front door.  I think their creed is something like 'neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night' or something like that.  There is nothing in there about rotten egg STENCH!!

Per the neighbors, it had been YEARS since there were little kids associated with the house (kids or grandkids).   That made me wonder just how many years it takes for a hard boiled egg to decompose? I also wondered why an animal didn't eat it? Perhaps hard boiled isn't as tasty to them as fresh.

Another hard learned lesson that I will NEVER forget:  beware of non-descript oval objects tucked under bushes !!!!

Happy Easter
to you and your family! 

It's not all about the candy though... 
Remember the reason for the season!

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