Monday, August 15, 2016

belated, but so very loved

For a myriad of reasons (and/or excuses), I have been very late getting these quilts to the owners for which they were specifically made.

Life and other things affected my ability to work on them and I had needed to put them away for a while.   There was some personal pain that had ended up connected to these quilts and I had to work through some of it.

Not so long ago, I decided it was time to get them out and finished.

The pattern is Bonnie Hunter's 2014 Mystery Quilt, Celtic Solstice.

From the very beginning, I had planned to make a few extra blocks and make 2 nearly identical quilts. 

I chose to use a pink border and binding on one and purple on the other as the twins I was making them for were designated  as "pink" and "purple" pretty much at birth.

I used the same backing fabric on both quilts but used different quilting on them.  The pink bordered quilt was graced with bumblebees and foliage and the purple quilt shows large flowers and foliage.

Each quilt is adorned with a hand embroidered label.  The labels are different, yet still similar, as would be appropriate for twins.

To the adorable recipients:  The tardiness of your quilts has no bearing on my feelings for you.  I love you more than you can possible know.  May they wrap you in love and warmth forever and may you think of me.

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