Monday, July 4, 2016

Even though my blood pressure has been pretty unpredictable lately, I have still been able to be productive.  I can sit and do things that are not taxing, like cleaning out drawers and bins/boxes, or doing hand sewing.

In the last 10 days or so:
  • I rounded up three large bags/boxes of stuff for donation to a second hand store.
  • I kept the garbage man in business one more week by filling up our trash barrel to the brim.

  • I was able to spend three days in the Angelgownsbyjacki studio, working on further preparing donated dresses for storage until their turn to be transformed into AngelGowns. 
  • I was FINALLY able to get the hubby's quilt off the quilter but I haven't gotten it bound yet.  He choose a quilting in a Celtic knot pattern and I am fairly happy with the results.  It involved some new skills for me so there were a couple battles with the quilting machine that I am not sure I won.  BUT....  its off the quilter and that in itself is a victory!

  • I was able to complete four baby/lap quilts.  I haven't decided for sure yet, but these quilts may either be offered for sale to support Angelgownsbyjacki or donated to a program providing quilts to kids.  Two of the quilts in this batch (the red, black and white "transformer" quilts) are similar. Once of the quilts, the last one shown, was received from a long arm quilter who didn't get it finished and was no longer quilting.

I hope to have another productive couple weeks ahead of me as I feel like I am on a roll on my list of UFOs (UnFinishedObjects).  And to be honest, part of my motivation to get some of those old projects completed is so that I can start new ones!!

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