Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ta Da!!  Last but NOT least...  Quilt # 5 finished in April 2016....  this one had to wait until it was gifted before I could share it.  This one is for the soon-to-arrive baby of an adored cousin.

Mommy-to-be requested woodland animals....  but didn't give me much more information.  I guess she trusted me....

I found a fabric line I really liked and sent a hint of the fabrics (didn't want to give too much away) to the "parents" just to make sure I was on the right track.  I received encouraging feedback but no confirmation that the colors were correct.  Again, I guess she trusted me..... 

I decided that a bow tie pattern would allow the muted colors to show well.

The layout game:  positioning the blocks in a.....  well, somewhat-sort-of kinda-organized manner!

When I received the invitation to the baby shower, I was pretty sure I had the colors right and was pretty excited about the whole thing.

With it quilted in baby animals in a cream color, I decided the fabricthe bow tie pattern, and the crib size measurements would make a perfect "little man" quilt for the precious baby they will raise into a "big man".  

And, of course, I included a hand embroidered label....

Dear A and B: 

Enjoy the screaming bundle of joy that will bring you soggy nappies, sweet baby breath, late night feedings, soft sighs, earaches, cuddles, sleepless days, peanut butter and jelly kisses, frogs and rocks in the pant pocket, that soft place to nuzzle just below their ear, gum in the hair, crushed dandelion bouquets, temper tantrums, and handmade cards reading things like "I love you like candy". 


Love, Jacki


  1. Of course I trusted you! Have you seen your (art)work?! And go figure, it is just perfect, fabric, color palette, pattern (unique bowtie!), special embroidery, and all. :) Thank you so much for the love you put into it. I have a feeling Judah will be attached to it! We love you!!

    1. somehow.. I just knew, I guess. I am beyond thrilled that it worked so well in the nursery.

  2. Ummmm yes Jacki, I just today got to see it and my first words were oh yeah , she "got the whole picture" of the nursery with the colors <3. So beautiful and a much cherished piece of, well, forever ❤️

    1. thank you, Ronda. It was important to me that it worked for her and baby Judah! And thank you for the snooping assistance to see if it had arrived :).