Saturday, March 5, 2016

This project was long term...  It wasn't hard... or time consuming...  but patience was needed...  and it took me a LONNNNNGGG time to get it done.  

I wanted a little green around the spa (aka immovable hot tub) so I thought about what could live in that area....  since we live in the desert, it had to be drought resistant and sun tolerant.  

The area around the spa does not get full sun but it gets plenty of sun, and since its next to stucco-y cement-y stuff, I began the trial and error planting.  Not that I ever plan it to be trial and error, but all my planting attempts in the Sonoran Desert seem to be along the line of trial and error.

I also wanted plantings that would not get too tall, would not have stickers, and would not make my furbabies sick.....  a tall order.

A year ago, I pulled back the weed barrier and planted some Elephant food and a few cacti.  I would wait and see what lived successfully in the spots chosen.

I didn't trim the edging of the planting area as I was going to get back to it in a week or so after I started this project.   But I didn't....   for a whole year.....

BUT!  I did find that many of the cacti that I planted did not live through my "experiment".   As time passed, I pulled dead plantings and planted new ones, buying new or using cuttings from my yard, and in "cutting exchanges" with friends.

While the area isn't yet all filled it by the plantings, I am pretty happy with it.

And I love the rusty wagon wheel (below) and the rusty old tractor seat (mounted on a section of log in the first photo)!!!   Both were gifted by cousin Mike from the Barton family farm.  Nothing better than extra special memories placed with honor in the areas you see and love.

Enjoy your space. 

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