Monday, December 28, 2015

Me and Georgie (#4)

With the advancements in my skills on Georgie, my longarm, I decided it was time to put my quilting confidence to work. 

I generally do not do custom work but there are always those exceptions.

A dear friend needed a quilt and her requests were simple; she wanted a queen size quilt, an overall dark tone (maybe dark reds and blues), and a simple pattern.  She was not picky about fabrics and pretty much gave me creative freedom. 

I was happy to comply with her wishes and after some discussion back and forth, this was her chosen pattern and I made it extra long to allow a pillow tuck.   

In the photo to the left, the unquilted top is being modeled by our rustic timber bed.  For whatever reason, the actual quilt appears to have a darker overall tone in person.

2015 #4

Above is the finished quilt and our rescue kitty, Freeway.  

It was touch and go due to my unexpected and extended time away from home but a hand embroidered label was made, it was quilted on Georgie, the binding was handsewn, it was mailed,
and it was received in time for Christmas.  WHEW!!

She is one of "those" friends and is truly "something else"... and I am blessed to have such wonderful friends.

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