Saturday, September 19, 2015

Going.... Going.... GONE

First, let me apologize for the truly crappy photos.   It is what it is... !

Its time again to donate 12" of hair to Locks of Love. 

The last couple times I've donated, I decided that it was the last time... well, it wasn't.  

Maybe this time will be the last time.... 

so..... Going...

I will be sending this batch off with the last couple batches to Locks of Love as soon as I get down to it on the list of MUST DOs.


While I love donating my hair to the kids, the selfish part of all this is that I love this cut!!! 

I had it cut by my brother's neighbor, Don.  Don was successful when many before him were not!   His cut created fullness in my board-straight, steel-strong hair.   His cut added volume without being too short. 

And best of all, I think I FINALLY have motorcycle helmet compatible hair.

The photo below is me out of the shower with hair only shaken/air dried. 
NO NOTHING!!! (including makeup)


For this, I LOVE DON!!!

Does this mean that I have to visit my brother regularly so Don can trim my hair??

And should I get some wrinkle cream?? :)

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