Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It's always the right time for sharing your blessings

I often do something for others in between doing things for myself.  I am not really sure why I am driven to do it except to say that I have been the recipient of pay it forward and I don't think I will ever really be able to pay it forward enough to feel I have repaid what was done for me....  not really WHAT was done for me, but what it MEANT to me.... but I keep trying...  and I it makes me very happy to work so hard at it.

I have a circle of amazing friends...  and I often get them involved in my thirst to pay it forward to those that are hurting or suffering.  Often, I host sew-ins, inviting whoever wants to participate.  

A couple years ago, a group of friends participated in a sew-in at my home in West Des Moines to benefit the tornado victims of Oklahoma.

It was an amazing day!!!  I collected donated fabric from guilds and fabric shops.  Some of the participants brought fabric, some brought machines, and some brought treats.  Some cut, some sewed, some sat at the ironing board all day, and all kept us in "stitches", laughing and sharing and bonding all day.

I regret that I do not recall all that participated in this particular event as many dropped in and dropped out throughout the day but you are all loved and appreciated and cherished. 

(And shame on me for not photographing and/or recording the names of participants.)

I would like to again offer Colleen Barton and Martha Vivian a very, very special thank you for providing the incredible lunch for this event.  Colleen and Martha cooked, delivered, set up, and picked up the dishes, bowls and containers. 

Colleen and Martha ALWAYS come through for me, no matter what I get myself into, and I will never be able to adequately express my love and appreciation to them.

Many, many quilt tops were cut, many were assembled and some were quilted and bound as part of the event.  

Those that were completed were sold locally and all funds were sent to the Red Cross expressly to benefit the victims of the tornadoes in Oklahoma.

The quilts shown are all part of that same sew-in..... I finished assembling, quilting, and binding these and there.  There are still a few more to assemble and quilt but they WILL get done.  (and if you want to help, just let me know!)

I will tell you that I am a beginning long-armer but I am proud of how far I have come. If you look close enough, you may be able to see the improvement in my long-arming skills among these quilts.
And in case you DO look closely, know that are not pictured in the order of completion.

To those that participated, I have made the executive decision to do something a bit different with these quilts:  I will be donating some of them to auctions, charity events, etc, to benefit those I love or those that are loved by those I love, to help with catastrophic medical bills or other emergency expenses.

I donated one in this manner a few weeks ago, raising a much needed $250 for the recipient...  and I will be donating another quilt this week.

I know all of you that participated will support my decision and I love you for supporting me as I continue to share our blessings with those that need them.

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