Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cruising Part 3: The ship

My first cruise was a "quilting" cruise...  we spent 7 days on the ship and sewed 3 full days and many of the evenings.  We spent 3 days in port and the remaining day was used up unpacking/packing/etc.

The group I went with, a total of 6 girls, were over the moon excited when we got our first glimpse of the ship.

The glimpse was over cars and through trees and in between things... it was basically a corner of the ship that we saw but we were sooo excited.

We managed parking and then the LONG wait to actually board the ship began.  Fortunately, I think the 6 of us could have had a good time anywhere so the wait was not so bad.

I happened to return to the ship while most were still in port so I ran around and took some photos without so many people.

As I left the ship to return to shopping, I took this photo.   The twin sister ships docked side by side was a bit of amazing.

Even though meals in the main dining room were included, I chose to lunch at Johnny Rockets, where a couple of us shook our booty with the wait staff in a group dance.  They were pretty patient with our inexperience and walked us through their choreographing.

If I had known, I would not have booked my first cruise as a quilting cruise.  I wanted to get every minute of sewing in so I missed a lot of the ship activities. 

I am not really a beach bunny, nor did I want to gamble, rock climb, or surf, but there were lots of other things to do...  And I will do them...  because....

But now that my virgin cruise is under my belt, I am enamored with cruises and I am ready for another cruise, quilting or not.  Perhaps Alaska?

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