Monday, June 22, 2015

My time with Mom

I was recently blessed with an extended visit from my mom.  We haven't had many opportunities to spend long periods of time together since I "left the nest" so we had lots of ground to cover.

My mom is extremely camera shy....  and always has been.... so you won't see her (as I promised her) but I can share some scenes from our time together.

I took her to get her VERY first pedi for Mother's Day.  Yes, I said her very first!

   <<<  Hers      Mine>>>          
 We lounged by the pool, while she enjoyed her new toes...

She cut lots and lots and lots of denim circles out of old blue jeans for me...  and just so you know, she OFFERED, it was not slave labor :).

We started a quilt for her.   She was in charge of picking colors and pressing.   On this day, we sat out by the pool and worked on the quilt.

We played cards...  lots and lots of cards!  Accompanied by lots and lots of laughs.

Mom is allergic to cats and if she pets Tessa or Freeway, she must wash her hands before touching her eyes.  So, she should just stay away from the cats, right?  No.....  she just loves the kitties.  

She loves her flip flops... 

And shopping at thrift stores...

One of the most rewarding, but heart wrenching, events we shared was that she was with me during an interview in my hometown about AngelGownsbyjacki.   I became involved with AngelGowns largely because of my Angelbrothers, Johnny and Ronny (story told HERE). 

Mom watched us begin the taping, and as the story unfolded, she teared up, as did I....  and the reporter, Kim St Onge, and the camerawoman too (we had to stop filming for a moment while the camera woman dabbed at her eyes because she could not focus). 

 Mom will be returning to spend a bit more time with us later in the summer before returning to Denver. During this next visit, plans are for her to visit my oldest in Tucson, AZ and hopefully, her sister near Temecula, CA.  We will also finish her quilt and make her a shower curtain from flip flop fabric  I found on a trip to St Louis.

I will, once again, be thrilled to have this time with her.

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