Thursday, February 5, 2015

The best quilt corners EVER

I spent most of the day marathon watching last season's Downton Abby and worked on organizing my studio after a rough few months (meaning that its embarrassingly messy).  

Anyway, I needed a break so I grabbed a handful of scraps and made a couple "Tea and Tart" mats.

I usually save the "Tea and Tart" mats as quick leaders/enders and sell them at craft shows and bazaars.  However, they were a mindless break and had been sitting patiently and waiting while I worked on putting together a couple quilt tops.

I had recently watched a video by Tom Russell on how to get really square (and pointy) corners so I thought I would try it on these mats.

Please note: Tom shared his technique in a video on THE QUILT SHOW and only with membership. 

Out of respect to Tom, I will not replicate his process.  At publication,  I can not find that he has shared his process except with THE QUILT SHOW.)

I am TOTALLY thrilled with Tom's technique!

I made the noodle mat first. 
The corners on the button mat are much improved over the noodles but not yet perfect.

Using Tom's method, my corners are MUCH better than I have consistently achieved on my own. 
Thank you Tom, and rest in peace. 

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