Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 is gonna be a great year!

It took me a while but I have decided on my "theme" for 2015.   I am often appalled at the waste that goes on in our world.    Our world is so...  well, disposable. 

Its broke so I need to buy another one.....  did we try to fix it?  did we take care of it?  do we really need another one?  does it have to be new?

I need a ??....  do you really?  or do you just WANT one?  how often will you use it?  does it have a purpose?  or will it just make us feel good?  and for how long? can you borrow it instead of buy it?

If we asked ourselves just a couple questions and (my favorite) wait 24 hours before we bought stuff, we would most likely change a lot about our lives.   We would reduce our (I do not care for the term "carbon footprint") output (aka trash) and probably save a lot of green (aka trees AND money) over the course of a year.  Sometimes, asking myself how many hours would I need to work to pay for it?  or what, of equal value, would I give up to get the item?

So, my term for 2015 is

MORE.....  with LESS
I want to make do, use up, repurpose, recycle, buy used, trade, barter, and all other methods to get what I want without buying another "one".  There are things I can't (or don't want to) do without, or can't buy used...  I accept that.  But there are so many things I CAN, but don't because I am lazy...  or spoiled....  or some other deadly sin.
I know there are billions and billions of "more with less" ideas out there but lets be honest, I will probably not do a lot of them as they just don't fit my lifestyle, or my commitment to a certain cause.  These are a few things that I do now, or want to start doing...  and a little reminder never hurts.
Upcycle return envelopes found in junk mail or bills we receive in the mail but we pay online to mail other things (if not postmarked).
Use the back of junk mail correspondence or envelopes to jot notes or grocery lists.  Tear your name and address off first and shred for security.
Discontinue the use of Styrofoam or plastic drinking cups for coffee.  First off, its NOT healthy.  Just grab a reusable cup with a lid and off you go. There are probably several in your cabinet just waiting for the opportunity to be used.  Hubby drinks coffee so I remind him to bring the cup from home when we go on trips.
Capture rainwater for pets, plants, and other outdoor needs.  Its as easy as putting a bucket with a cloth secured over the top (to keep out critters and dirt) out in the rain. I usually put something heavy in the bucket (a rock) so it doesn't blow over.   Free soft water!!!
Combine errands to reduce gasoline usage.  This is a tough one for the hubby to do.  I usually group my errands, depending on what side of town I have an appointment or need to be for some other reason.
Reuse, or use reusable, grocery bags or sacks. 
Turn the water OFF while brushing your teeth or shaving.  You can waste a gallon or more of water if you let it run while polishing your pearly whites.
If we all did just ONE THING each day... 

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