Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Grand Illusion mystery installment #2

In between the things that life is throwing at me, I am working on Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery with several of my friends.  I am grabbing moments here and there between finishing gifts the grandkids specifically requested (how can I say no?) and coping with some personal issues to work on my Grand Illusion. 

Fortunately for me, the crazy grandkids have asked for something somewhat easy (or should be...  I seemed to be making it a lot harder than need be)... stay tuned for that project.

My "late start" on this quilt had been renamed the "never ending cold".  I am still infection free but because its been so long, the doc gave me a z-pack so hopefully, the "death of a cold" is in my future.

I finally got everything cut for clue 1 and 2 - just before clue 3 came out. I even managed to get a couple of the #1 blocks sewn before #3 came out (30 to be exact).

Its hard to sew on this mystery during short periods of available time - pull everything out, sew for 20 minutes, than put everything away.

But its not a race, right?

Anyway, I continued to plug along and managed to get a little of clue #3 sewn. 

Since I shopped my stash and Scrap User System fabrics, I didn't measure how much I had.  While doing this little bit of #3, I realized that I was definitely going to need more green.

But not today. Maybe this weekend.  Or maybe after clue 5 is released :) or sometime.

At 2am this morning, I still couldn't sleep so I got up and did what my attention span and turtled* away on  a little of step 1, a little of step 2, and some bonus HSTs.

What will happen next on this quilt...  its like quilt roulette!  You just don't know what you will see next!

*I am learning that Mackinac Island the inspiration for Bonnie's quilt) is named for the "big turtle" it resembles.  Thus, I 'turtle away' on the quilt. (And wondering if I coined a new phrase?!?!?!)

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