Monday, September 22, 2014

A lazy weekend...

I picked up the September installment of a block of the month (BOM) on Friday.  I figured out that on most BOMs, I can add a coordinating fabric or three from the beginning and make their quilt much bigger without purchasing more of (what seems like) their very overpriced companion kits. 

With the fabric they provide and the extra fabrics I throw in, I can make several blocks each month. How many I make kind of depends on how well I like the pattern.  My goal is to have at least a queen size at the end of the project. 

For September, we were to make one block of the following pattern.  I really liked the block so I made four blocks with different fabrics.  I know I may have to go back and make a few extra to get to my queen sized goal, but that's ok too.

Not sure I love the upper left block but I can't love everything.

Now for the rest of the weekend.....   well, I knew I had lots of other things I COULD be doing while hubby was away on an overnight motorcycle trip with our club, but I decided to do something I probably wouldn't normally have done:  I dug out an old UFO to work on.

I bought the double wedding ring as a kit maybe about 3 years ago and I worked pretty hot and heavy on it for a while but haven't worked on it much since. 

I am absolutely THRILLED to announce that my double wedding ring (DWR) is all pieced.  It still needs to be quilted but I feel very accomplished to just have it all pieced.

I certainly have OLDER UFO's but really liked this one and, sadly, its easier to work on one you love than on one you "only" like.

I am also excited that I was able to lay it out and take a photo of it before the kitties knew what was going on and planted themselves in the middle of it.

I wished I had thought of the "add more fabric before you start" idea before I began this because I would really like it BIGGER!!! 

I love it no matter what size it is :).

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