Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Just LOVE crafting with trash!

My DIL is pretty patient with the messes I make when I visit for a few days.   I think she understands because she is married to my son...  thus, not much I do surprises her....  she lives with it daily. 

For example...  toward the end of my visit, someone had changed a toilet paper roll and I mentioned that you could make flowers with them.....  I get the glue gun out and make a small flower...

DS steps out into the garage and bring in a bucket full of the cardboard rolls!!

WHO keeps toilet paper rolls for no apparent reason??? but I am sure glad he had them!

Unfortunately, I had to leave before any serious flower making got underway!

M finished all her letters and
hung her name banner before I left
The G is decorated for G's name banner.
The girls made name banners with flowers, glitter, glue, and anything else we could find.  M finished hers and hung it up... 
G became distracted by making doll clothes and didn't get hers finished  before I had to leave.

I received some gaming tips from K.... 
and, just for a bit, I talked him into playing something gramma liked.  Such a handsome man he is growing into.
K gave me more lessons on the art of snake raising. I used to hold one of the snakes...  but its gotten so big (4') that I hesitate to do it any more...  yes, gramma is squeamish.

D getting his sewing on!
He has 2 snakes, a frog, and a mouse...  I didn't ask if the mouse was for the snakes...  some things are best a mystery.

I made K show his teeth... such a sweet kid!

G, M, and D. 

Origami class, along with a snake of goldfish crackers.... 

Our jumping frogs turned out ok but some were admittedly lethargic.

M (mini me) is finger knitting


D is just the cuddliest kid.... but he is definitely his father's son.

I brought a boat kit and he just went to town.  In true D fashion, he decided to finger paint the boat and there was paint everywhere...  I had D clean it up, I went back over it, but DIL still found paint.....  on the wall!!

G is suddenly into cake decorating.... too much Cake Boss I hear.  She hasn't taken any classes...  we will see it the interest hangs around for a while.

We cut into this chocolate beauty and I was VERY impressed.

One of D's fav toys...
DS bought a bunch of PVC and joints,
and cut the PVC into random lengths. 

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