Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I haven't been bored!

I have been crazy busy and working on a million things.  I have a few deadlines I needed to hit so my hands were in many pots.

An update on my hexies:  I did my first hexie fully expecting to hate it.  It wasn't horrible so I did a couple more and, and with no plan in mind and thinking they would get tossed anyway, did them from the bin marked "ugly fabric".  Needless to say, I was hooked and COULD NOT throw the completed ones away so I kept going.  What was going to end up in the trash is now lying on a queen size bed and I am still going :).  Except for the background fabric, its all "found" fabric.

There is still a lot to do but I am very happy with the progress!

A quilt or two...

and a Tibetan Prayer Flag.... 

Five of us got together and made these and friend Ann sent them off.  I should hubby the photo when I got home and believe or not, he picked mine out first...  I asked for his 2nd choice and it belongs to a Libra, too.  He is good....

I have also been working on AngelGowns....

I have completed AngelGowns in assorted sizes, AngelCaps in assorted sizes, and AngelWraps for the tiniest of babies.

.... and items for the fall craft shows.

I made these poodle skirts for 18" dolls (including American Girl) in pink, gray, and black.  I am going to attempt sweater sets to complete the outfits.

Who knows what is on the list for tomorrow!

May no birds poop on your windshield tomorrow !! :)

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