Thursday, August 21, 2014

A new sewing machine!

I (ok, hubby and I) brought home another sewing machine:  The Singer anniversary model!!!  I am anxious to get it out and cleaned up. 

I need to let one of my others go (I offered that concession to hubby) but he didn't seem to care one way or the other. Soooo, well, we will see.


Carefree and 36th St 

The wheel turns hard and there is a noise when running but I think cleaning and greasing will make a world of difference.  Also, arm support for the top seems not well attached to the cabinet - hopefully, I can fix that too.

In the meantime, I have been working hard on three projects:
  • Quilting
  • AngelGowns
  • Items for craft shows
I have decided that I will work on each thing for one day and move to the next project the next day.   With this process, I am finding some days are more productive than others but I feel like I am touching each of the things I love to do.

 Monday was quilting day.  I worked on a BOM (block of the month). 

I had three months of blocks that I needed to complete to get caught up.  Before we started this project, I added some complimentary fabrics from my stash so I could make additional blocks and end up with a larger quilt than provided in the BOM.

I see a square in the upper left block that need to be turned.  ooopsie!

On Tuesday, I worked on AngelGown items.  I finished several gowns, caps, and a wrap.

The AngelWrap to the left of the water bottle serves as a burial garment for the tiniest of babies. 

The cap in the upper right of the photo is unadorned and the lower right is trimmed and beribboned and ready to go.


Today, Wednesday, was a busy day! 

I delivered a box of AngelCaps, embellishments, ribbon, thread, needles, sequins, and pearls to a new "embellisher", Ginger G.  She is new to our little group and I am  positive that they will come back simply A ~ D ~ O ~ R ~ A ~ B ~ L ~ E !!!

In addition to picking up the sewing machine, being available to the pool guy and the guy who took some brush away, and meeting Ginger, I still managed to make four crinolines and ten poodle skirts for my fall craft shows.

The outfits (top, skirt, crinoline, belt, and maybe scarf) will fit 18" dolls, including American Girl dolls.  I made the skirts in pink, gray, and black with poodles in black sparkle, pink, or white.  I will make the tops for these outfits next "craft show" day!!

Making the poodles skirts makes me think of a day long ago that several friends and I all made poodle skirts in pink, burgundy, and purple.  The menfolk dressed as "bad boys" or "nerds" and we all attended a 50's party!  One of the girls was dressed as a "pink lady".  Such wonderful memories!

Pick a lovely old memory...  and savor it again!
Tomorrow is quilting again! Is it too early to say that I really like this rotation thing?

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