Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I desperately needed something to sew!!

UPDATE:  I have received so many comments about putting poly in the microwave that I have decided to update my post.  I have never had problems with it but it IS possible that the poly could cause problems.  Therefore, the poly bags will be noted as being used ONLY for cold packs.  Thank you everyone for helping me do the right thing for others :).

Other than hemming some curtains, I have been so very busy that I have not done any sewing. 

It hasn't been good.  Apparently, the signs of sewing withdrawal are grumpiness, scowling, and longing stares at the closet the sewing supplies are housed.  Did I say it hasn't been good?

We are at a point in our travels that I could relax a bit.  Hubby played golf this morning and tonight, I drug out my featherweight and some gifted polyester double knit.

You remember double knit, right? 

Think Saturday Night Fever!  The 70s were FILLED with them and yes, I have to admit that I had one (or two... or maybe more).

The wonderful thing about polyester double knit was that it was pretty much indestructible.  Aside from fire or sharp objects, it wears forever.

I was gifted a HUGE box of it several years ago and I drug a few friends over to make 9 patch quilts for the homeless in the Midwest where winters are cold.

Anyway, I still have more knit and I was looking for something to sew.  I had brought a quilt to piece but was simply too tired to start the quilt. 

My wild-eyed glaze fell upon a large bag of rice that I had purchased for another project.  I also found some fragrance oils. 
Rice...  Polyester knit....   fragrance....    hmmm....

I started chopping (in an organized manner, of course) the knit up into squares and rectangles that would allow efficient use of the fabric and would provide a good size cold pack.

I double stitched the seams, leaving one entire end open. 

I then flipped the bags inside out and folded the open ends into the bag as though I was going to sew them closed. (Don't sew them closed yet)

I double stitched lines to form channels for the rice, making sure that the ends were folded in as I sewed the channels.  This makes sewing the ends closed much MUCH easier.

I filled each channel about 1/2 to 2/3s full of rice (HINT: do the filling outside if possible)  and double stitched the ends closed.


Cold packs for all my friends...  and my friend's friends....  and maybe some strangers I see on the street.

Seriously, some friends have blessed me with gifts of time, stuff, and patience the last month and I would like to repay their kindnesses.

These aren't filled with rice yet but will be soon.

And as an added bonus, I do like that I was able to something somewhat productive with some butt-ugly fabric.... errr, I mean, I picked this fabric out as it was just PERFECT for my friends.   :)

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