Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Playing with Jacks

Thursday's workshop in Tucson with Bonnie Hunter was Playing with Jacks.  The pattern is offered by Bonnie on her website, Quiltville, free of charge.

Bonnie was at her absolute best with this class, even though she had a touch of a queasy tummy.  She went through the quilt's design and construction and then gave a tutorial on the use of the Easy Angle.  At lunch, there was a show and tell and lots of quilts to droll toward and around (I was smart enough to not drool OVER them :). 

Some of the girls went shopping at SAS after the class but my bestie, Limbania, and I found something else to do.  (That story, I will save for another day!!!)

I had a great deal of trouble with the fabric choices for this quilt.  It has an intended recipient and I decide early on that the main fabric would continue throughout the quilt.  The background fabric will be scrappy neutrals.  What I couldn't decide was the alternate fabric.

Should I go with the blues?  or the greens?  or both?  I fought the decision up until the last minute....  and honestly, it could still change. 

I really think the background stands out more with the blues but I think the flowers POP more with the greens....   so greens were what I used. 

I have already cut the blues so at this point, I think the greens will be the alternate in the body of the quilt.  There will be a 'stop' border...  and beyond that, it is my (current) plan to use the blue and neutral half square triangles that I have already assembled in the outer border.  I may also do a sashing in between the blocks but I haven't decided for sure...  or even what color to use for the sashing.  The quilt will tell me...  but hopefully sooner rather than later.

However, don't be surprised if, sometime before its finished, I start arguing with myself again about how I should use the color.

We have been BUSY since I returned from Tucson on Friday but I did get to sew a bit this evening on My Blue Heaven.  Tomorrow, I will declare a jammie day and will sew all day to try to get caught up with my goals.

Everyone needs a mental health day now and then. 

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