Wednesday, January 29, 2014

And the Fibro Awards go to.....

You may or may not know by now that I have Fibromyalgia.  You can look it up but basically, I am unpredictably fatigued (to the extreme) at any given moment and that I am pretty much in constant pain...  sometimes not so bad...  sometimes unbearable.   There is also a fog that goes along with it...  results in wordfind issues, unsteady gait, and confusion.   There are a million other symptoms but this short list is usually the bane of my existence.

I am not complaining about this, just explaining that I have to limit my daily activities, stress, and emotional exposure as it can, at any moment, set of a flurry of Fibro symptoms.  For a better understanding, click HERE to read the Spoon Theory,

Today, we stopped to pick up and drop off something at a friend's house, saw the movie "Gravity", walked across the parking lot to Joann's, hit Home Depot for things that our (most excellent) handyman will need this weekend, Walmart for a few odds and ends, and then to pick up Edna, my new treadle sewing machine (to read all about Edna, click HERE).  We stopped for dinner after picking up Edna but I was already on borrowed time when we were at Home Depot.

I don't really know when I hit the wall.....  DH says he can see it in my eyes...  but its well after that when I know and I usually find out by hearing about my unsteady gait (is she drunk?) or that I am grumpy, or that there is something wrong with me because I am unable to speak intelligently.

And when it got really bad, 5 doctors thought I should not continue to work.  I fought them for a year....  but finally, I had to concede.  I was blessed with a wonderful family and loving, caring people in my life that watched over me and helped me through whatever is going on.  But I simply couldn't hide it any longer.  I was depending more and more on people to cover for me and it wasn't healthy for them...  or me.

It has been a long time coming but THANK YOU to all that kept me going...  and laughing...   And like any Academy Awards speech, I will say that there are just too many to mention..... but there are a random few that stick in my mind:

Hubby, who bungies me onto the motorcycle so I don't go to asleep and fall off.
OCC, who threw paper clips at me if I fell asleep at my desk and the boss was in the area.
Megan, who cooks every meal while on vacation at the resort.
BJ, who calls every phone I own, and some I don't, to check on me.
Kathy, who always found the words ...  and the thoughts,  I lost.
Sherri and Randy, who left food at my door to make sure I ate.
Audi and Jen, who didn't laugh when I couldn't remember how to spell "the".
Sarah, Rory, and Rhyss, who babysat me for 3 months and held me down in bed so I would rest.
T and the Rodeo crowd, who looked for my grumpy face every week.
The Renter, who shoveled my driveway in like 5 minutes flat so I couldn't do it.
And Colleen, for showing me the door.

I could go on.....  Thank God I could go on....
And I could go on BECAUSE I am so blessed.

Thank you for loving me.

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